Monday, August 24, 2015

5 Species I'd Choose for the Mo-Cap Character in Rogue One

The cast that Gareth Edwards has to work with on Rogue One is both diverse and intriguing, not to mention outstanding at what they do. I'm especially excited to see how they use Donnie Yen - if you haven't seen Ip Man, it's on Netflix, go watch it asap...if you don't have Netflix yourself, I'm sure you know someone who does, or just put it out there on social media that you're looking to watch a great Kung Fu movie and you'll bring the popcorn...who knows, could turn into a date...anyway, perhaps an even more interesting reveal in the cast announcement was in this line:  "Alan Tudyk, who plays a performance-capture character in Rogue One." Ah ha! So it won't be a band of human resistance fighters that unite for a daring mission to steal the Death Star plans, there will be at least one alien species...but which alien species will it be? I'm going to go out on a limb and say it'll be a species we've seen or at least heard of *coughtBothancough* in a previous Star Wars movie, so, with that in mind, here are my top five choices, starting with the one I'd like to see the most and going down from there.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

King Kylo & the Knights of the Ren Table

Entertainment Weekly is a Jedi, like Vanity Fair before it...okay, sorry, that was lame, but I couldn't help myself and I can't bring myself to delete it now, so, here we are...anyway, yes, it's Entertainment Weekly's turn to chew up Star Wars knowledge and spit it down our waiting gullets and I, for one, couldn't be happier. In case you haven't figured it out from the title, I'm going to be focusing on the article about Kylo Ren for this entry. I've been holed up in my laboratory since yesterday, digesting the limited, but provocative new information, and I believe I've concocted some brilliant theories that will, no doubt, turn out to be true come this December (okay, probably not, but confidence is sexy, right?), make sure you're sitting down, and prepare to have your mind blown...